Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Hardest Thing is to Let Go

People always think the hard part about hooking up with girls is getting them in bed. But the hard part really is in letting them know what you want so that you actually enjoy the experience. When you're 40, it's not just "Any concave, reasonably moist body cavity will do".

Being about to connect with someone sexually so that you (and ideally they) actually get off is the skill that is so rare to learn if you grew up, as I did, as a super-geek. Sometimes you get lucky, and chemistry carries you over the drawbridge, so to speak. But if you're like me, your day job gives you a level of anxiety that would kill an ox, and so only the best head will get you out of your normal mindspace and able to relax and enjoy yourself.

"Leaning in" is surprisingly good "giving head" advice for both sexes!
In any case, I wanted to share a magical trick that my friend taught me. It is this: when someone is inexperienced and you are with them, and you need to save face, but change how something is happening because it is not fun or painful or just feels weird, you say "Look, I don't know how other girls you know have liked you doing this, but *I* like it THIS way." Always works, everyone saves face, better life experiences all around.

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