Thursday, March 24, 2016

Paying for OKCupid is Stupid

Often you talk to people who are "established" (a.k.a. too old to smoke pot anymore) and recently divorced and back in the dating scene, and they comment on how they are not sure how to meet members of the opposite sex, and that online dating isn't working out as well as they were hoping. A lot of very successful people are frankly, just scared of online dating.

Also, for women, it SEEMS easy at first, but then it is hard to move the process along to its desired conclusion. There are a lot of steps in between "Swipe Right" and "actually meet someone". Guys are often quick to connect and flirt, and then heavily reluctant to offer an actual date and move it to the next step.

Well, as a friendly hacker-type, I am here to make it more fun and increase your chances of success using modern technology as a ground breaker. 

Instead of paying for OKCupid or Tinder, accept the fact that EVERY social website is a dating website. My roommate B does most of her dating prelims on Instagram, which Facebook was very well aware of when they bought Instagram. But Twitter and AirBNB are just as good for making actual connections with people. And in some cases, much better. First of all, you can buy ads on Twitter.

Remember the point of Tinder: To build real connections.

Take a look at the following screenshot of an example Twitter ad campaign I ran, pointing at this blog. Keep in mind, you can carefully target your Twitter ads to just people who follow the people YOU think are interesting, such as a particular band or politician or comedian. And of course, you can target them by gender and age and all sorts of other things, but most importantly, by zip code or geographic region. 

As you can see below from the analytics page: 1% of the girls who saw the Edward Snowden Blogpost link clicked on it. 

You have to have a funny blogpost to point them to, but that's easy! Even your Instagram page will do.

Getting 100 people you might want to date interested in you because they read your funny blog is a much better bang for your buck than anything OKCupid or Tinder can offer you, and it's easy to do and not that expensive!

I link to my OKCupid profile secretly on this blog so I can see who visited, assuming they are also logged into OKCupid at the time. ;)

Twitter ads are there to help companies build real connections with people, but because of that, they work better for dating than dating sites do. You know how all the dating books tell you to meet that guy when he's out and about, rather than when he's cruising a bar? This is the same principle. Twitter=out and about; OKCupid: Cruising a bar. 

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