Saturday, June 20, 2015

Matching with people who love life

All the same people are on that are on Tinder, and Match costs like, 60 dollars. I'm not sure why ANYONE is on it, to tell you the truth. Maybe if you like bots but can't figure out how to log onto ashleymadison?

Especially since most people have the exact same thing to say. This thing is "I am loving the life I'm leading" which means, as a friend put it "I'm drinking away my pain". Nothing wrong with that, but let's review:

"This girl is cute, but if she's not energetic then I'm .... wait!" 

"How many times can I say 'family' and hope they get the hint? Maybe one more. Also, let's be honest, when I say I want someone to have their own faith, I don't mean Islam."

Apparently in this world there is a dearth of people who love to laugh. Most people just 'like to laugh', which is not enough for miagirl1223. You have to love it. But where will we find a guy who both LOVES TO LAUGH and DISLIKES DRAMA?

I think maybe "looking for someone who loves to laugh" is a way of saying "I've lowered my standards about as far as they can go."

This is what a good profile looks like - instead of saying she loves to laugh, she is FUNNY. She has layup questions in her bullet list ("Which is the third tattoo you are considering?") and she managed to love her family and her life just for irony points, but you get the feeling she actually might be living a pretty cool life. She even avoids saying she wants a "partner in crime", which is a nice touch.

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