Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Secret Tindering

So using FakeGPS you can Tinder from anywhere! So let's Tinder for a second, just to let off steam, from the CIA/NSA Parking lot. Of course you want to do this with very small radius (1 mile) and with as broad a reach of ages and genders as possible. 

The CIA: There was only one!

And now from the NSA Parking lot! (There were a few more, which were not as funny.)

This is my Favorite Tinder Profile Ever.
He wants No Strings Attached at the NSA, was the pun I was reaching around for. Does "Undetectable" mean he works for TAO?
Probably on the NSA Quidditch team.

To be fair, the NSA ones were 2 miles away, so maybe just from nearby. Someone should write a bot to do this and make a feed of it somewhere. :)

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