Friday, May 22, 2015

Chicks Bumbling Their Game.

What no dating book will tell you (more on this later) is that dating, like fishing, is all about location. When my friends who are women in their forties ask me anything about dating, the only real answer is to move to Columbia MD, or Silicon Valley. There's literally no competition there. Let me illustrate this with the support of "Big Data" (no, that's not a nickname for my penis, but shit, NOW it is):

Compare and Contrast: Columbia Maryland, home of the NSA

vs. Miami Beach Florida

I didn't pick these as some sort of trick. That's basically the results of a random sample. Yesterday I sat next to a guy in a bar some of my friends own in Columbia MD (90% male, because this bar is inhabited entirely by employees of the NSA).
Me in this bar sending the message loud and clear of  "I desperately need a haircut and more sleep." 
Anyways, he was a moderately good looking Air Force guy alone at the bar (good looking enough to the point that I thought he was gay), using an app only available for the iPhone called "Bumble." Bumble is a 99% clone of Tinder, except guys cannot message girls first. So girls have to message them. There's no way a girl can lose in Maryland normally, but 90% of his 127 contacts failed on the first message by asking the same thing: "How was your day/week?" If instead they'd said any of the things the Miami Tinder samples above had said, they'd have been golden. When was the last time you did something for the first time? I'm going to steal that opener.

I'm dating a girl now who has RIDICULOUS levels of game. She was just born with it. In PUA terms, she's a "natural". And I live with the Michael Jordan of Chick Game, who's typically dating 1-3 random stars, ranging from comedians to pro athletes. But most girls, as demonstrated by Bumble, have none of this, and my new theory is that it doesn't normally matter, until they reach age 35 or so, and all of a sudden it matters a lot.

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