Monday, March 23, 2015

Funny jokes to play on your boyfriend

One thing I think is cool about girls is that when they decide they actually like you they take over the whole "moving towards a relationship" thing which is handy because in general that is the hardest part. Pretty much at a certain point you're like "should I call her?" and your phone is already ringing! So great! I am glad this happens.

My new live in nanny read this blog today - she's a former model, naturally. Her comment on her Twitter height (5'10") is that it is, of course, a lie, "just like modeling". That's what modeling is: you live off your lies, she says. You lie about your size, your age, your height. That's what works. It turns out she is my height, which is still pretty tall for a girl. She is newly single so we all helped her Tinder today although her Tinder date stood her up.

Hahaha. Ok, now we've gone through my Facebook and this model I met at Sushi Samba a while back used to work with her in Charleston. If you're reading this, you know who you are!

Ok, back to the funny jokes to play on people you are dating. One of my other nannies recently started dating a guy (OK, he flew to Miami and chased her relentlessly until she agreed to be his girlfriend, which is something girls respect, I'm hoping, as this is also my main strategy!) and she went into the room to see him eating some food and was like "We have to have a serious conversation.....about how GREAT THESE HOT STICKS ARE".

Also the ever popular hilarious joke after you've had sex a bunch of times of suddenly asking for a condom.

I am, I will admit, glad I'm not the one dating her.  

OK I will finish this with a picture of my eldest son and his girlfriend.

The secret is "I'm too young to date!"

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