Sunday, December 21, 2014


"Why do we live in Florida again?"
My friend Kevin and I went boating today. What I bring to boating-related events is a general capacity to enjoy being on the water, along with beer. Kevin brings the boat. Although this time Kevin also bought the beer, so I bought caramel corn from Fresh Market, which really is astoundingly good.

Here I am thinking deeply: "22 Jump Street really is one of the worst movies ever made!"
We ended up going to Shuckers, which is a great bar you can get to by boat. One of the things about dating in your thirties is that, at least in a small town like Miami, your friends will definitely meet your dates. Your dates never really go away - they're there at school or at Shuckers or wherever you are. I'm still learning how to say "Hey, it was nice to go out that one time a while back and then never talk again and now we're in some random park with our kids and what is your kid's name again?" without being super awkward about it.

I feel the same way about women meeting my kids. I'm around town with my kids almost all the time - and I'm not going to pretend to not be dating someone just because I'm with them. Kids are insanely observant and they can tell anyways. It is like trying to hide something from Sherlock Holmes who lives with you full time and sometimes when it's too dark comes to sleep with you.

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