Sunday, November 2, 2014

Most people handle break-ups poorly...

Obviously fake imgur post is obviously fake, but still funny!

So I have a few rules about break-ups which I will now, PURELY COINCIDENTALLY, share with you. ;>

1. They are not often forever. There's a reason that when divorced guys are newly dating all your dates will ask in various ways ranging from "hints" to "outright questions with lie detectors attached" whether you are getting back together with your ex-wife. So fuckin' relax about it.

2. You probably learned something pretty valuable. Unless you are stupid, or just not paying attention, whoever you dated brought some unique experience to the table and you took it away with you. It might even be something that gets you laid in the future. Who knows?

3. Your guy friends miss you. (Or, if you are a girl, your guy friends who are secretly into you miss you - this isn't!) Luckily, being guys, you can be away from them for a few years, and then go have beers and literally nothing will have changed about your relationship.

In no particular order, I will add some various shots from today's facebook where a girl and a guy have it out in public after announcing two days ago they were newly in an open relationship...

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