Thursday, November 20, 2014

It didn't go as planned and that's ok.

"In Mexico City they have many Volkswagon Beetles!"
I'm not sure why, but this VERY confident Tinder chick caught my eye, since her strategy is so opposite everyone else's. Despite her rather androgynous name you can tell it's a girl from "I live to travel" as the second thing she says. I wish I knew how well this model worked for her: I don't know any guys who would right swipe someone with so many hangups. I kinda want to set up a fake account and try out her "mega-neg: you are not good enough for me and you can't even see what I look like" technique to see how it goes.

I haven't been to Mexico City in a while - and when I went it was great, like she says. Hold on, I will find a picture:
I'm not high, I'm just drunk, I promise. Yes, that is a Dawson's Creek tee shirt I am wearing.

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