Monday, October 6, 2014

Oh the humanity

From Imgur:

"D stands for "dick" in case I couldn't ram my point home enough here."

So my friend asked if my previous blogpost on talking funny was summed up by just "be funny because smart guys like that", but in fact, everybody likes someone who is genuinely funny, because it's insanely hard.

When a PUA talks about "peacocking" they don't mean "Wear nice clothes". Obviously girls know when you're wearing expensive and nice clothes, and that can make you stand out when you're with a bunch of people who are wearing normal clothes, or if you have taste and fashion sense. But you probably don't. What they mean is "Wear something ridiculous." 

For example, I have a shirt that has Bruce Lee on it in sequins. 
"Words fail me, Kung Fu does not."

So when we exhort girls to talk funny, we mean, literally, like Yoda if necessary, although maybe not exactly like Yoda. Please, dear god, not with the apple in the mouth thing though, although you know it must work like a charm.

Oh, and I loved this article from last weekend, where a 38 year old is complaining that she can't get the undivided attention of guys in her age group. 

"They are less, and, to a guy not ready for anything -- like most of the guys I have dated in New York -- less is more."
I think Lewis CK summed it up best though:

Frankly, I think most of the guys I know think accomplishments are pretty hot on a girl. 20-somethings you describe to your friends as their age. They are literally one-dimensional to date. Probably better to be a girl who gets an actual NAME though, maybe?

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