Friday, October 3, 2014

A way with words.

So there was this girl, Andrea, back in college, that talked only in complete sentences. It was so...weird! But it made her completely fascinating. I never did ask her out and I always regretted it.

I hear a ton from women that they can't find smart guys. Even this weekend I was in Key West (which was awesome and one of the great side benefits of living in Miami) and this lawyer my friends tried to set me up with (a 35yo midwestern blonde who liked music more than anything and never talked about her work) told me how she's just looking for a "normal" guy, reasonably smart. There should be no reason she should have trouble finding this very common combination.

Part of the problem, my friends say, is that men will date dumber and nicer women, but women always want a man at least as smart (and mean?) as they are. I don't know if I believe this: I think everyone wants someone basically at their level or else how do you find any of their jokes funny?

In this case, you would have no way of knowing how smart this lawyer was unless you are interested enough to look her up online and essentially read her CV. This is not something most dates do, although frankly they should. What she should have done is let some of her brilliance out and ... just talked funny.

The pick up artist community has a term for wearing funny shirts with shiny bits on them, or big crazy hats called "Pea-cocking". And, let me just say, as dumb as it sounds, it works. Talking funny is exactly like that, but verbally. And if you're a smart lawyer, it makes you fascinating to exactly the guys you are trying to attract. Worth a shot, perhaps?

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