Sunday, August 17, 2014

"I'm too creative for my own good"

I want to briefly talk about Quotes. For example, I find this girl's quote highly ironic! First of all, when you Google it you cannot find it anywhere. Dr. Levry appears to be a Yogi of some kind. Possibly he is the man in the pictures! A truly surprising number of wedding photos show up on the Tinder. She looks happier than he does in the second one. What do you swipe on this one? She's using Tinder at 9:30 but has never seen her own profile? Are these the only pictures of herself that she has? The dating world is a confusing place.'

NYC Tinder

I spent some time Tindering in NYC and one thing I noticed is that you find out quickly how small the world is. Even with your Tinder distance set to 1 mile you will definitely see lots of people you know on Tinder, and occasionally you will match with them. Which frankly I think is awesome, because the added sexual tension from Tinder-chatting adds a cool extra dimension to your conversation. 
"I'm too creative for my own good"


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